Benefits of Flavored Water

Published: 09th October 2009
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Water is very much an important & essential commodity in our life as it prevents us from falling prey to dehydration. We need to maintain certain levels of water intake to keep us hydrated and also because it forms sixty percent of our total body weight. Drinking plain water when we are not thirsty is difficult and also tasteless. Drinking colas and other soft drinks can prove harmful for health in the long run when compared to flavored water which is considered a good option.

Bottled water with different flavors added to it is sold by many manufacturers. Some prove to be very tasty. Their main intention is to make us drink the water as it also proves to be good for our health. The water gets a whole new different flavor as it comprises of various types of natural minerals & herbs, which in turn make it easy for us to drink the water.

Many people including children & adults prefer having colas, coffee or tea to bland water. These can prove harmful for our health, if the consumption turns out to be too high. Water tastes good when flavored with herbs and other minerals. Some flavored water companies add sugar while some others don't. Adults should resort to having flavored water without any sugar as it is not good for their health.

Flavored water can also be made at home by adding different flavors like lemon, pineapple, watermelon, ginger, and basil leaves etc. you can also add flavored ice cubes to the water as it also provides the desired taste. Chocolate flavor, coconut extracts, mint, grape juice, flavors of orange or strawberry can also be added to enhance the taste of the water. Cucumber slices can also be added, also a little bit of coffee can be added to get a coffee flavor. The water refreshingly tastes good when it is cooled.

The reason why many people opt for flavored water is it does not contain empty calories which can be found in colas. Water should be taken in at regular intervals. This helps us in maintaining our body temperature and in keeping our body clean metabolically. Some of us find it difficult to consume plain water as it is dull, boring and tasteless. The flavors, therefore, enhance the flavor of the water making it tasty & refreshingly interesting.

Always choose with care when you go for flavored bottled water that you are going to drink. Always make it a priority to choose a flavored bottled water drink that doesn't contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It should comprise of natural flavors instead of the artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors & preservatives. Do not consider buying flavored bottled water that claim to calm you or promise you extra energy as these would not have been tested for the same.

The hint of a flavor in the clear liquid is enough for us to drink the water. It is always considered a safe option to prepare the flavored water with all the fresh natural ingredients. If this is not possible, you can always consider going in for many varieties of flavored bottled water. But, the main point to be noted is that, we should consume enough water at regular intervals to sustain the hardships of our daily life.

Water is considered the main source of survival for life on our planet. Without water, all life forms would cease to exist. So, stop drinking soft drinks and start drinking water as the benefits of water are too important to ignore.

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